Mediation Tips

Be truly open to the mediation. Each party must be truly open to a settlement. Keep in mind that there are both risks involved in continuing the case for decision by the Court and rewards that come with a compromise based on mutual needs and wants. If you keep an open mind and go into the mediation with a clear purpose and understand, you’ll be happier with the outcome.

Fundraising Tip: Social Media

 Nonprofits were among the first to adopt social media as viable fundraising channels. They took what were primarily communication and “awareness” platforms and transitioned them into ways to not only reach and engage donors, volunteers and sponsors, but to also ladder them through the giving process.

Even so, many of the nonprofits we talk to still aren’t truly leveraging social media in the highest and best ways. So, here’s a tip: random digital tactics will only achieve so much for your organization. Do you have an overall messaging plan (commonly referred to as an editorial calendar) that clearly and concisely drives messaging across all of your channels. Note we did NOT say duplicate.


We’re talking about staying on message during key campaigns, signature events, and more to create a groundswell of engagement. To do that, you have to integrate all of your channels and create a clear message.

Why Call Us

Choosing expert assistance during a big project, to grow your nonprofit, to secure a grant, or to mediate your disagreement is a big decision. the difference between America’s Interests and other consulting firms is YOU. Our focus is on creating the most favorable outcome for your organization, our project, your legislation, your nonprofit, your settlement.  Won’t you call us today and experience how your interests can benefit from our experience.

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