Your nonprofit organization’s longterm growth and success are our first interests. By using America’s Interests’ affordable services, nonprofit organizations can do more and reach more.

Nonprofits are in a tight spot. We can help. The nonprofit sector continues to face the challenge of rising demand for services amid an increasingly constrained supply of resources. You know your target, you know how you want to help. We know how to help you get there.

If any of these common issues sound familiar, call us today.

  • Shrinking customer base and unattractive revenue trends?
  • Internal skill-set challenges, especially in key technology areas?
  • Inability to improve the output from your board?

Our experienced leadership understands where you are and how to push through to the next level. Our services include:

 Performance Improvement: From satisfaction surveys to training, America’s Interests wants your nonprofit employees to live up to their fullpotential. Your cause demands it.
Building and Using a Volunteer Base: Your volunteers are your lifeline to achieving results in your community, serving the needs of your target
population and providing resources. Put our proven experience to work for you to find, train and retain great volunteers.
Operations Effectiveness: It’s not only about people in your nonprofit organization. It’s also about policies, procedures and process. Are yours as effective as they can be?
Board Development: Many nonprofit boards lack structure, clarity, and accountability to their mission. Others are boards ”in name only” yet contribute little to the real mission of the nonprofit. Often, it’s because they do not understand the board value proposition or the real impact of their work on both the nonprofit and they population it serves. We are specialists in bringing your message clearly to your board and then cultivating them to grow the nonprofit.
Change Management: Innovation is the lifeblood of a successful nonprofit. Learn how to effectively bring innovative ideas to your organization and then implement and execute on that change.
Organizational Development: As nonprofit leaders, we know it’s imperative to put the right person in the right role, as well as train them effectively to execute on your plans.
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